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Babar Azam lands in controversy: Female accuses Babar of Fraud and Abuse.

Babar Azam accused of cheating and harassments. A women did a press conference and accused babar for abusing her for ten years.

Babar Azam, Live Cricket Streaming

Babar Azam is the biggest star of the Pakistan cricket team. He is considered the best product of Pakistan cricket in recent years, and Babar has earned Captaincy of the Pakistani cricket team in all formats. His career is peaking, but today he has been accused of some severe abuse and harassment.

A female has accused Babar Azam of exploiting her for ten years and using her sexually and financially. The accusing woman said that Babar Azam was her college sweetheart, and both lived in the same colony where they started dating.

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Babar was in a live-in relationship with her as per the women, and she supported him in his struggling days when he was not a part of the Pakistan Cricket Team.

Women further went on to show that she left her home for Babar and had a beauty salon, which she was running to serve Babar financially. Babar Azam promised her marriage but never married her for the past 10 years. She also said that Babar Azam used her sexually and used to beat her often. She was often exploited sexually and used to travel with Babar on several local tours.

Here is the actual video of the women accusing Babar Azam of cheating, abuse, and harassment.

She used to have a room next to Babar Azam in hotels during PSL and other local series, She said. After several fights and reconciliations, Babar has denied her a marriage and threatened her with severe consequences, accused the women.

The woman says that she had registered an FIR in 2017 and perused the case legally through several channels, but there has not been any development, and she appealed for relief.

She said that though she had spent millions on Babar, including several iPhone gifts, she does not demand any financial recovery. Her only purpose is to expose Babar Azam and his fraud and how he cheated her in the name of marriage promises and friendship.

Babar Azam is in New Zealand right now, under a quarantine bubble as Pakistan is scheduled to play against the black caps next month.

There has not been any confirmation or denial of these accusations from Babar Azzam or his manager. PCB has also refrained from commenting on the issue, considering it a personal matter of the two individuals.

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Babar Azam, Live Cricket Streaming

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