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Big Bash League New Rules, How will teams use them?

Big Bash League New Rules, New BBL Rules Implications and impact on Teams Strategy ,impact on cricket and players. How will captains use new rules of BBL

Big Bash League BBL 2020, Live Cricket Streaming

Big Bash League (KFC BBL) is the Australian T20 League, also known as Big Bash. Big Bash League has eight teams named after different cities in Australia. Before the Upcoming BBL season, Cricket Australia has announced several new rules for the league, which are even new to cricket.

These rules will be implemented in the upcoming Men’s Big Bash League starting from 10th-December 2020. These new rules will not be implemented on WBBL going on right now.

Teams of BBL

New Rules of Big Bash League:

There are three major rules introduced for the BBL season 2020-21. These rules are named Power Surge, The X-Factor, and the Bash Boost. Let us look into the new rule and learn what they say.

Power Surge

Power Surge is an extension rule of PowerPlay that means that Power Play will be of four overs; only the other two overs will be called Power Surge, and the fielding side could only keep two players out of the 30-yard circle during those two overs. The batting side will be able to call Power Surge anytime they want.


X-Factor is that a player outside of playing XI could be called in to play after ten overs of the first innings. It means batsmen who are yet to bat or any bowler that has bowled a maximum of one over can be replaced by the 12th or 13th man.

A similar rule of substitution is available in the game of Soccer and

Bash Boost

This rule says that there will be a bonus point for taking during the match. Whoever is ahead of the “runs” equation by 10th over will get the bonus point. It means that while chasing, if the chasing team is ahead of the fielding team’s score at 10th over mark, then the chasing team will get the bonus point; otherwise, the fielding side will get the point.

Bash Boost means that the winning team will get 3 points, and 1 point will be a bonus point, and if the losing team had played better than the winners for the first 10 overs (half innings), would get one point out of a game.

Power Surge rule will be an advantage for the batting side to accelerate to get the Bonus point.

BBL New Rules Impact on teams, strategy, and the game.

These rules will certainly change the complexion of the T20 format in BBL. There are a lot of implications for the teams to consider because of these three new rules. Power Surge usage will be critical to score the bonus point, or will a team keep it for the later part of the innings to secure the win and three match points.

Flexible Team Selection- Pacers/Spinners Replaceable

Also, with the new X-Factor rule, bench strength has become ever so important. 12th man who was supposed to be an injured player or an out of form player now has to be a “Ready to Replace” player. It will be interesting to see how the cricket teams use this rule and accommodate pinch hitters or field in death bowlers. It will be interesting because often, a better strike rate batsman is required in the end part of the game, which will now be available to the teams. The same is the case with other selections; teams opting for pacers somethings realize midway that the pitch is spinning, so they might include a spinner they missed out in Playing XI.

Net Run-Rate NRR less Significant

Bash Boast is also a great addition to the game because often there are close and nail-biting games in T20 cricket, and though the losing team had played well throughout but a span of one or two bad overs cost them a game. Bash Boast rule will earn them a value Bonus point in such scenarios and will be a significant factor in qualification to the playoff stage. The new rule is also a better implementation in the “equal points” scenario that was decided previously using the teams’ Run-Rates. Run Rate will become less relevant now.

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