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BUY THIS WEBSITE is a project we made out of our love for cricket but as it continues to grow and deserve more time and focus we have decided it pass it on while we focus on our Ecomm stores. is a complete sports website with most of its structure and sections automated. Its a successful earning website which continues to grow. We haven’t done any marketing or ad campaign for it and the traffic is entirely organic and fan based. A little creative campaign can do wonders for the new owner. The design is user oriented and fluid better suited for its niche. It covers all aspects of the game of cricket from Live score to schedules to rankings and stats. Its earning is only Adsense based which also signifies that the website has original and genuine content. If you are excited about the game of cricket and will like to buy this website. Contact us at or Contact via WHATSAPP.Whatsapp Icon, Live Cricket Streaming

For details like revenue, Analytics and description visit our sale listing at Flippa HERE !