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Kapil Dev’s message to fans after Heart Attack

Kapil Dev after Heart Attack. #KapilDev #Kapil #IPL #IPl2020 #Cricket

Kapil Dev The Legend, Live Cricket Streaming
Kapil Dev's message to fans after Heart Attack. #KapilDev #Kapil #IPL #IPl2020 #Cricket

Kapil Dev, World Cup-winning Indian Cricket Team captain, confirmed that he is now “On the road to recovery.” Kapil Dev has received a cardiac surgery after he was brought in with a heart attack condition earlier on Thursday night.

Kapil was rushed to the hospital when he felt chest pain, where the doctors diagnosed him, and It was confirmed that he had a heart attack. Sixty-one years old Kapil Dev received a coronary angioplasty on the same night.

Recent development came from a press release which was recently issued from the hospital where Kapil was admitted. In the said presser, it was assured that Kapil Dev was stable and out of danger.

Kapil Dev took to Twitter to reach out to his fans. He exclaimed that he is now out of danger and “on the road to recovery.” He also thanked fans and family for their love and support of him during this challenging time.

News of ailing Kapil Dev soon got viral on Thursday, and people from all professions and all cricket fraternity wished him luck and speedy recovery.

Indian Cricket Team and RCB team captain Virat Kohli also greeted Kapil Dev and wished him a speedy recovery.

Kapil Dev Career

Kapil Dev was Indian’s most successful and popular All rounder of his time. He was also awarded the title ” Indian Cricketer of the century” by Wisdon. He won the first-ever ICC world cup for India. Kapil took 687 wickets and scored around 9000 runs in his spectacular 16 years of cricket career.

Stats and figures of Kapil Dev.

 Cricket MatchesInningsRunsHighest ScoreAvgStrike Rate501002004s6s
Batting Stats of Kapil Dev

 FormatMatchesInningsWktsEconomyAvgStrike Rate5W10W
Bowling Stats of Kapil Dev

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