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Muhammad Amir’s Retirement: The complete story

Muhammad Amir Announced Retirement, Live Cricket Streaming

Muhammad Amir has announced his retirement from International cricket and he has just confirmed his decision to the PCB.

Retirement due to Mental Torture and neglect of PCB.

Dishearten Mohammed Amir, Who was once a shinning star of Pakistan cricket and was regarded as the next big thing in the line of cricket greats of Pakistan. But now he has announced an early retirement due to mistreatment by the PCB management, said Amir.

Amir decided to quit cricket because of the “Hostile environment” and “Mental Torture” he has to go through after his decision to retire from Test Cricket previously.

Amir decided to leave Test Cricket earlier as a load balancing solution so he could focus on the White-Ball cricket only. His decision came when Pakistan cricket team had several Test series in line and desperately needed Amir to continue in order to improve points in ICC Test Championship. Amir’s decision was not well received by the fans and PCB alike.

Amir said in his recent interview that “The environment created around him by the PCB Management is extremely torturing and he cannot continue to Play cricket in such a situation”.

Amir also replied about the taunt he hears everytime, that the PCB has invested a lot in him. He said that there were just two gentlemen who supported him throughout and he is thankful to both Najam Sethi and Shahid Afridi. However, he completed his jail time of five years and paid the price in full when it comes to his mistake of spot-fixing scandal.

Amir Doesn’t want to play for Pakistan?

Amir also trashed the claim of his critics that he didn’t wanted to play for Pakistan in the longer format of the game and his Test retirement is because he wanted to play more leagues and shorter format games for quick buck.

Amir said his decision was misinterpreted and twisted in to something which made his fans dejected of him and he was painted as a greedy man who doesnot want to play for his country. He said his decision was to manage his fitness and be able to improve his performance in the shorter format of cricket.

Amir explained that he believes that he is being left out of the National team strategically by few management members.

Don’t mistake wealth for respect’: Ramiz Raja’s Reaction on Amir’s retirement.

Ramiz Raja has given his reaction on the sudden and early retirement of Mohammed Amir. He said that it is a very untimely and sad exit of a potential star.

Rameez Raja has always been critical about the return of players involved in spot fixing back into the National side. He has always said that such players should not be taken back into the national team no matter how talented they are because they have brought bad name and shame to the country.

Ramiz Raja who is the former captain and commentator from Pakistan said that it is a lesson for the new players and youth that they should respect their talent and understand all the responsibilities in order to earn respect. Ramiz further said that the respect in earned by having a strong character and not just by words and complaints.

PCB decision and reaction on Amir’s Retirement.

Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) on Thursday said that they respect Mohammed Amir’s decision of retirement and has confirmed about the pacer’s decision to call quits.

Wasim Khan who is chief executive of PCB said that he has spoken with Mohammed Amir after his announcement and said that the 29 year old pacer has no desire of playing cricket any further and he should not considered for the future International series and matches.

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