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PAK vs NZ: 6 Pakistani Players affected with Virus. Team divided into groups.

Pakistani Players divided in Groups. After Six test positive for Corona Virus.

Six Pakistani Players Got Corona Virus, Live Cricket Streaming

CHRISTCHURCH: New Zealand Cricket Board has announced that several Pakistani Players who came to Christchurch New Zealand are affected by the virus. Some of the players tested are now declared positive.

A total of six Pakistani cricket players are diagnosed to be coronavirus positive as for New Zealand cricket board officials. All these players are not put in complete isolation at Christchurch.

The NZ board also says that two players are cases of “Re-Infection” while four players are Newly infected. Further investigations are going on this crisis. Exemption to train during the isolation period has also been put on hold until the investigation is completed.

Pakistan squad was tested four times for the virus and tested negative each time, before leaving from Lahore for New Zealand. 

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Some Pakistani Players violated isolation SOPs?

New Zealand board also said that on the first day of managed isolation, some of the members of the squad did not observe the SOPs. Board has also noted that NZC members will discuss with the tourists to assist them in implementing the requirements.

Pakistani team divided into groups.

Pakistan had sent 54 member squad for the Pakistan vs New Zealand series including players, management and support staff. These squad members were divided into four groups upon arrival to Christchurch, New Zealand. All four groups were isolated from each other and were kept separately.

All Groups will stay in quarantine isolation for 14 days.

There is a separate set of management and training officials for each group so they could move and train separately. It was like four different biosecure bubbles were in place for four separate groups of players.

Pakistan tour to New Zealand has three T20Is and two Test Matches in December. Also, the Pakistan cricket team will play two (4-Day) matches against New Zealand-A before the T20 series.

Names of the Pakistani Players Affected with Corona Virus

So far it has been kept secret that exactly which of the players are affected by the virus. Only the total count of players is announced who tested positive. No names are announced so far.

Six Pakistani Players Got Corona Virus, Live Cricket Streaming
Six Pakistani Players affected with Corona Virus.

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