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Rohit Sharma is a great Indian cricket batsman!

Rohit Sharma Indian Batsman Hitman, Live Cricket Streaming

There are so many legends in the Indian cricket team who considered God in the cricket game where cricket is a religion in a particular country like India. Sachin Tendulkar, Mahendra Singh Dhoni Kapil Dev Yuvraj Singh and so on consider as the legendary cricket player of the Indian cricket side. Rohit Sharma is also becoming the following Indian cricket Legend who can perform remarkably well in the various cricket Grounds of the world against any particular team like Australia, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh and so on.

Many cricket lovers love him very much as an Indian cricket batsman who performs well for his career and does so much well in particular cricket matches where the Indian cricket side needs his cricketing ability to win the respective game in the specific tournament of the ICC. Rohit Sharma has an excellent track record as an opener batsman and scores so many runs with his partner Shikhar Dhawan who almost batting opposite him in the most matches for the Indian cricket team.

Rohit Sharma is very well known for his hook shot in the bouncing deliveries. Many things that no Indian can hit the ball like Rohit Sharma in the cricket ground can hit sixes everywhere in the background without any much difficulty.

Test career

Cricket is a hilarious game where you can see different types of formats for one single game, and test format is one of them where the player has to give a great of his cricketing ability on the ground for at least five days. Rohit Sharma is also a great test cricket player who can score good runs against particular teams of the world; however, unfortunately, he cannot play for the Indian cricket team in the test format just because many letters things that he is suitable for. One Day International team instead of the test cricket team is why he cannot play so many test cricket matches for the Indian Cricket side.

One day career

l  As a one-day cricket player Rohit Sharma proves is a good ability over the ground and able to score maximum runs against the cricket’s complex nations. Rohit Sharma scored so many centuries and fifties in the particular tournaments of the ICC and other specific games of the different cricketing Nations.

  • The track record of the subcontinent region is very excellent. That is why even if Rohit Sharma is not fully fit, the selectors can’t let him out of the team because of his cricketing ability. He is a devastating player who can demolish any bowlers career in an instance, which makes him a great player for the Indian cricket team, especially on the one-day side where a player needs to score a run as quickly as possible.
  • Rohit Sharma is one of the Indian cricket players who scored a double century in the 50 over the game format. Sachin Tendulkar and Rohit Sharma can score double a century in this particular format of the cricket game and shut the critic mouth with their great batting over the ground’s pitches.


As we said earlier that Rohit Sharma is a devastating player who can demolish any bowlers career, and that is why he is also a great player for the T20 side. As a T20 player, he is through his ability, and that is why many IPL team wanted him to lead the side. Right from the beginning, he is doing well for the Mumbai Indian and can lift the IPL trophy three times.

  • Rohit Sharma as a captain in the IPL, performed well and managed his team to execute against various opponents in the IPL trophy. He is also selected for the upcoming Trophy of the IPL tournament, which will happen in April 2021, and the team management backs him and confident that he will lift the trophy once again in the year 2021.

Personal life

If we do talk about the personal life of Rohit Sharma, then the first thing which comes to mind is he is married life. He is married to Ritika sajdah and also has one beautiful daughter which he loves the most. Apart from that, he is also a great person who manages well his love life and his cricketing career, making him a great person.

All the above lines about Rohit Sharma give you an excellent glimpse of a cricketing career and his little personal life, and helps you to understand him as player and great human being.

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